Our Capability


We have set up an in-house Mold Making Machine Shop to allow fast development of molds and maintain its quality performance. Our Research & Development Group uses Computer-Aided Design (CAD) to provide solutions to our valued clients' requirements. CAD aids in the development of innovatively-designed containers and closures.

SMI Warehouse We utilize equipment such as the Electrical Discharge Machining, Lathe Machine, Vertical Milling Machine, Surface Grinder Machine, and CNC Machine in our mold making process.

Printing & Labelling

Printing and labelling is mainly done within the plant. We are equipped with an Ultraviolet Printing Machine, a Shrink Labelling Tunnel, and an Automatic Labelling Machine. As we embrace current technology, we have recently acquired an In-Mold Labelling Machine to further increase our productivity.


Quality check starts with raw material handling and mixing. We do inline hourly pick-up report during production.

Different tests are carried out according to the usage and specifications of the product. It is also mandatory that all bottles be subjected to the leak tester machine. As a final quality assurance, pre-delivery inspection is performed. All these are carried out subject to constant management review and internal audit.